I found Maribeth’s coaching style especially effective because she really held me accountable to my goals while she listened patiently to my perpetual habit of distracting myself with my emotional talk about everyone and everything else. Then she would always bring me back to the task at hand.

Thanks to Maribeth’s coaching, I figured out that I need to work on certain areas of my personal life that are blocking me before I move my business forward, although I managed to achieve some business-related goals peripherally in conjunction with my personal ones.

I would recommend Maribeth as a coach because I found she has that great blend of caring and support while calmly but purposefully keeping her client on track.

Mindy P.

Maribeth helped me attain my goals by supporting me in gaining clarity and confronting my limiting beliefs.  She guided me through the use of perfectly timed questions.  She helped me consider more than the surface issue so I could fill in the missing pieces in my thought process.  The sessions followed so smoothly that I was amazed at how coaching could remove my feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck.

Irene C

Maribeth has a very solid approach that creates a strong framework for each session, but then she gives her clients the freedom to explore at their own pace and in their own unique way.  I felt very much understood and supported, but also challenged to move from simply talking about dreams and plans to actually doing something to make it happen. 

Andrea W

It was a pleasure being coached by Maribeth.  Because of her concern and support of me, I felt very heard as I struggled with direction on situations before me. 

Carol S

Maribeth was an excellent advisor to me in the expansion of my leadership development/executive coaching business. She provided sound judgment and wise counsel and served as an excellent sounding board. Maribeth was highly responsive, results-oriented and took a genuine interest in the success of my business expansion. I found her to be a wonderful listener, a great sounding board as well as a delightful person to work with.I would highly recommend Maribeth Kraus to anyone selecting a coach to work with."

Barbara Frankel

Coaching Initiatives LLC

Maribeth helped me navigate a very difficult transition in my life. At 55, I had lost my job, my confidence and my ability to see my challenges as possibilities. Now I see that painful time as the opportunity it was to take a look at my life and change direction. Maribeth guided and encouraged me and challenged me to find my best self. I now have a great new job, renewed confidence and a happy and hopeful outlook on my future!! Thanks, Maribeth!

Chris Fouhy

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