Let me focus on your needs and create a stress-free event, so that you can relax and be there for your attendees while I take care of the event details.


Brainstorming your ideas, vision and goals to create the desired outcomes for your meeting event.  When you know what goals want to attain, you will be able to achieve a successful outcome for you and for all of your stakeholders.

Site Selection

Choosing an appropriate location can influence your event’s success.  I will partner with you to select the ideal location for you so that you will be able to realize your vision and goals for yourself and your attendees.

Contract Negotiations

I am not a lawyer but having had over 25 years’ experience dealing with event contracts, I know that asking the right questions is an integral part of negotiating a successful contract.  One that will put you in as favorable position as possible.


Executing a successful event doesn’t end with the planning phase.  It requires the effective execution of the many details that go into making your event a success.  You and your team will be free to focus on your responsibilities and be present for your attendees. I will focus on the successful execution of the event details and help create an event that will be stress-free from start to finish for you.