Get Out of Your Own Way: Achieve Your Leadership Potential

Tree with wordsOverview:  Do you feel that if you want anything done right, you need to do it yourself? If so, this can cause you to get stuck where you are in your career because you can’t get out of your own way and be recognized as a leader with vision.

Takeaway:  This presentation will help you to

    • Step back and evaluate your situation
    • Discover and overcome what’s creating the bottleneck in your career or business
    • Develop a plan and the actions and tools that you need to break through the barriers to the next level
    • Get forward movement towards the success you want to achieve

Imagine how you will feel when you’re in control of the direction of your career and are feeling strong and successful once again.

For:  Business women who want to feel in control of their careers again and moving forward.


The Coach Approach:  How to Successfully Delegate and Become A 21st Century Leader

Overview:  In the 21st Century, business women need to be prepared and empowered to effectively lead a different and diverse workforce that has moved from the traditional top down management model to teams that offer more employee engagement.  A business woman needs to know her strengths and successfully delegate to and engage her teams in their work in order to become a 21st Century Leader.

Takeaway:  This presentation will help you to become a 21st Century leader:

  • Learn to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
  • Let go of traditional top down management
  • Replace the traditional management process
  • Successfully delegate so that you can lead rather than do it all

For:  Business women who are bright overachievers but who frequently impose their own self-inflicted blocks to career success and find themselves overlooked for promotions not because they aren’t capable, but because they struggle with delegation, or trusting others to produce the same results they can.  They end up doing everything themselves, further entrenching themselves into their current position.


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