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Maribeth Kraus is a Career and Career Development Coach, Speaker and Continuing Education Instructor. She knows that when it comes to reaching the next step in their career business women:

  • Often experience self-inflicted blocks to their success that cause them to be overlooked for promotion.
  • Are being overlooked not because they aren’t completely capable but because they struggle with delegation, or trusting others to produce the same results they can.
  • End up doing everything themselves, further entrenching themselves into their current position.
  • Often become the bottleneck in their own career.

Maribeth’s clients get to know themselves better, break through these often self-imposed barriers, learn to delegate effectively, and become the leaders they want to be. By knowing their strengths and how to use the right tools effectively, they can do more, achieve more and be more and find that the possibilities are limitless in their careers and lives.

Maribeth had a successful career as part of senior leadership teams for national non-profit organizations for over 25 years where she played a pro-active role in creating and building strong professional individuals and teams Presently, in addition to her career coaching business, she is also a member of the coaching team for a national talent management solutions company where she provides career and career transition coaching for their clients.

She has spoken to and led workshops for businesses, associations, universities, community organizations, conferences and networking groups. Maribeth believes that just as a personal trainer helps their clients to stretch a bit further than they thought they could to improve their physical health, she helps her clients to stretch themselves more than they thought they could to overcome their roadblocks and be seen as the leaders they are or can become. 

Here are Maribeth’s formal credentials:

  • BA degree, Queens College, City University of New York
  • MA in Social and Organizational Behavior, George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) earned from the International Coach Federation, the gold standard in the coaching profession.
  • Certified Career Transition Coach earned through Career Thought Leaders
  • Professional certifications in Coaching and Career Planning and Development from New York University

She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the ICF-Long Island chapter (formerly known as the Long Island Coaching Alliance) where she currently serves as Past President.

Maribeth presents seminars and workshops for business, universities, associations, community organizations, conferences and networking groups.

As featured on:

The Coaching Game, ICF Coaching Week, Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women, The Bryant Library, Hillside Public Library, AFP-Association of Fundraising Professionals, Between the Covers.

Get Out of Your Own Way: Achieve Your Leadership Potential

Overview:  If you feel that if you want anything done right, you need to do it yourself, this can cause you to get stuck where you are in your career because you can’t get out of your own way and be recognized as a leader with vision.

Takeaway:  This presentation will help you to

    • Step back and get to know yourself better
    • Discover and overcome what’s creating the bottleneck in your career
    • Develop a plan and acquire the tools that you can use effectively now and in the future when delegating successfully delegation so that your seen as a leader
    • Get forward momentum towards the success you want to achieve

Imagine how you will feel when you’re in control of your career and are feeling strong and successful again in your career.

For:  Business women who want to overcome the blocks holding them back from career success and be recognized as a leader with vision.


The Coach Approach:  How to Successfully Delegate and Become A 21st Century Leader

Overview:  In the 21st Century, business women need to be prepared and empowered to effectively lead a different and diverse workforce that has moved from the traditional top down management model to teams that offer more employee engagement.  A business woman needs to know her strengths and successfully delegate to and engage her teams in their work in order to become a 21st Century Leader.

Takeaway:  This presentation will help you to become a 21st Century leader:

  • Learn to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
  • Let go of traditional top down management
  • Replace the traditional management process
  • Successfully delegate so that you can lead rather than do it all

For:  Business women who are bright overachievers but who frequently imposes their own self-inflicted blocks to career success.  So, if you find yourself overlooked for promotions not because you aren’t capable, but because you struggle with delegation, or trusting others to produce the same results you can, you may end up doing everything yourself.  If you want to learn how to successfully delegate and move forward in your career rather than further entrenching yourself in your current position, this may be for you. 


Here’s what some of the organizers are saying about Maribeth’s workshops.

“Provided valuable insights into the needs of businesses for “Leaders” versus traditional managers. Showed how business cultures affect employee engagement and the impact to companies. Gave specific steps for creating the Leaders needed in the 21st century.”

James Anderson, Arrangements Chair, ASQ-LI Section


“Your workshop at the Just 4 Women Expo was well-received. Thanks for providing a valuable experience for the participants. You engaged the group in a thoughtful discussion and a personal growth activity that helped them gain clarity and plan for a more fulfilling and effective life. We look forward to your presenting at ournext event.”

Just 4 Women Expo Committee Workshop Coordinator


On behalf of all of us at WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications), thank you for lending your expertise at the 2018 WICT Leadership Conference. As WICT ushered in a record crowd this year, we have no doubt that your participation helped elevate WICT and all of Diversity Week 2018,

President & CEO and VP, Educational Programs


Maribeth has presented programs or been interviewed at such organizations or shows as: 

American Society for Quality – Long Island Section
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Association for Talent Development and ICF-Long Island Joint Meeting
Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women, Hofstra University Club
Bryant Library, Roslyn, New York
Interviewed on The Laurie Lawson Show Web TV
Interviewed on “Between the Covers” Strong Island TV
New York Institute of Technology
Partnership for Positive Change Podcast
Women in Cable Telecommunications Leadership Conference


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